Democrat Christy Smith Is Running for Katie Hill’s Former Seat—Again

The assemblywoman launched her campaign with an ad that paints her competitor, incumbent congressman Mike Garcia, as pro-insurrection

When a scandal forced Katie Hill to resign from Congress less than a year after she was sworn in to represent California’s 25th, it was unclear whether voters in the historically red (but increasingly purple) district would lean left or right when the time came to pick a replacement. That question was answered twice in 2020, first in May, when Republican and millionaire businessman Mike Garcia handily beat Democratic Assemblywoman Christy Smith to finish out Hill’s term, and again in the November general election, when Garcia eked out a win against Smith to serve his own two-year term.

Garcia’s narrow margin of victory in November—a mere 333 votes—has apparently given Smith the mettle to give it another go in 2022.

On Wednesday, Smith once again announced her candidacy for Congress, releasing an ad that paints Garcia as anti-democracy and pro-insurrection. In January, Garcia faced criticism for voting to object to the results in Arizona and Pennsylvania, even after rioters stormed the Capitol in an attempt to disrupt the certification of Joe Biden’s victory.

In the video, Smith refers to the 333 votes by which she lost in November, saying, “That was the difference between our community having a representative who aligned himself with domestic terrorists or one who aligns herself with American democracy.”

Garcia released a statement with a distinctly Trumpian tone, referring to Smith as “failed politician Christy Smith,” adding, “no matter how many times she runs and how many times she tries to reinvent herself with voters, the facts are clear: Smith supports higher taxes on working families, public funding of her congressional races while defunding our police, and a wide open border, and those are simply not the values of CA-25 families.”

The 25th Congressional District consists of parts of Simi Valley, the Antelope Valley, and most prominently, the Santa Clarita Valley. When Hill won her election against incumbent Steve Knight in 2018, no Democrat had represented the district since 1992.

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