CHP Makes 607 DUI Arrests in First 36 Hours of Holiday Weekend

Authorities weren’t kidding when they said they’d be looking to bust Labor Day Weekend DUI drivers, and there’s still plenty of holiday to go

Although state and local authorities warned that there would be major crackdowns on DUI motorists this Labor Day Weekend—as they have every year since Americans first had cars, roads and Labor Days—once again, a substantial number of inebriated or otherwise unfit-to-drive celebrants decided that those alerts were for other people.

The California Highway Patrol announced Saturday that it had made 607 DUI arrests in the first 36 hours of the holiday weekend. “Remember,” the cops stated in a tweet, “DUI is not just alcohol, designate a sober driver before you celebrate, be the hero and drive sober.”

The agency had been diligently trying to inform holiday revelers not to test their luck, not to mention risking the lives of innocent people, if they chose to get excessively merry. A day earlier, CHP made it known that, “During the first 12 hours of the 2022 Labor Day MEP weekend, CHP arrested 288 DUI drivers! If you drink, don’t drive, and always designate a sober driver.”

That message, apparently, was for those had already ignored Friday’s friendly CHP tip: “This Labor Day weekend the CHP will be patrolling California’s roadways in increased numbers. Please be mindful of holiday traffic, drive at a safe and legal speed, put away all distractions, make sure everyone in your vehicle is buckled up and never drive impaired.”

Aside from all the other horrific potential outcomes of driving under the influence, KRON4 reported in anticipation of this weekend that the average person facing DUI charges is likely to spend at least $18,000 related to the case, whether they’re found guilty or not.

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