California’s Proposition 1 Sees Wave of Anti-Abortion Pulpit Protest

Anti-abortion spiritual leaders across the Golden State are urging parishioners to resist the pro-choice measure

With November 8 coming up fast, detractors and supporters of Proposition 1an amendment to the California Constitution to ensure that the state cannot deny or interfere with a person’s reproductive freedom—are lobbying hard. In this contest, the pulpit is becoming an especially vocal, political soap box from which spiritual leaders across the state are urging parishioners to consider their vote in a more Biblical light.

One recent argument against the Proposition came from Father Bao Thai of Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove on September 18 when he admonished his flock to consider “what precious goods has the creator placed in our care?”

Bao Thai’s homily finds company among a series of politically charged sermons reaching across Sacramento, Fresno, Monterey and San Bernardino, CalMatters reports.

Bishop Jaime Soto of the Diocese of Sacramento associated resisting Prop 1 with “affirming the beauty of our own humanity.”  He noted on YouTube, “It is our solemn Christian vocation to be good stewards of God’s creation by respectfully accompanying women who are pregnant, serving as their companions in reverencing and nurturing the gift of life in their wombs.”

Bishop Joseph Brennan, Diocese of Fresno, echoed these calls with an “urgent invitation,” to pray, fast, and vote for the Proposition’s defeat. Cardinal Robert W. McElroy of San Diego, meanwhile, voiced his belief that political leaders are using Prop 1 to incentivize increased abortions. 

This wave of secular protest arrives with the beginning of Respect Life Month for Catholic leaders, a month dedicated to “help[ing] women choose life,” and “protecting the innocent against attacks on human life.”

Despite spiritual leaders’ mobilization, an August poll from the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies found that 71 percent of Californians favor the measure, and 68 percent of state voters disapproving of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

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