Caitlyn Jenner Wants to Keep Gov. Newsom From Being IDed as a Dem on the Recall Ballot

The Republican gubernatorial hopeful filed a motion today to join the fight to prevent a ”D” from appearing next to Newsom’s name in September

What began as a simple clerical screw-up is blossoming into a full-blown legal battle.

As Business Insider reports, attorneys for Republican gubernatorial hopeful Caitlyn Jenner filed a motion on Tuesday seeking to prevent Governor Gavin Newsom from being identified as a Democrat on the ballot for the upcoming recall election. After his legal team realized they’d neglected to submit a notice of party preference when they filed their answer to the recall petition, Newsom filed suit against Secretary of State Shirley Weber.

Newsom’s legal team only realized their “good faith mistake” in recent weeks and asked Weber to cut them some slack, but Weber shut them down. Still, Jenner’s attorneys argue that they should be able to intervene because Weber can’t be trusted to mount a sufficient legal defense against the guy who appointed her.

“Throughout his time as governor, Gavin Newsom has always believed he is above the law,” Jenner said in a statement published by Business Insider. “We are joining as an intervening party to ensure there is transparency throughout this process and to highlight the likelihood of the Secretary of State folding to Gavin by acquiescing to his demands.”

Newsom’s lawsuit argues that preventing him from being labeled a Democrat impedes the “right of California voters to be accurately and fully informed about the recall election.”

Of course, being labeled a Democrat would also help seal his victory over the relatively unpopular recall effort: a Republican hasn’t won a statewide election in California sine 2006.

The recall election is scheduled for September 14.

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