After CPAC Taunts, Caitlyn Jenner Gets Little Support from Prominent Conservatives

In the immediate aftermath of an encounter with a transphobic heckler in Dallas this weekend, few came to the aspiring politico’s defense

California gubernatorial recall candidate Caitlyn Jenner may be a dyed-in-the wool Republican, but her conservative bona fides didn’t ingratiate her to everyone at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas this weekend.

The record-setting Olympic gold medalist turned reality TV star was making her way out of the conference over the weekend when someone recorded themselves following her while repeatedly calling her “Bruce,” the name she used before coming out as transgender.

In the video, which started making the rounds Saturday, Jenner is walking through a lobby as people call out “Caitlyn” and ask her to pose for photos while a man trails her behind with a camera, “deadnaming” her several times before adding, “I don’t want to take a picture, Bruce,” and, “Bruce, what do you think about the stuff that they’re teaching in the schools?”

As Jenner pauses for a shot with two women and a young boy and then begins exiting the building, the man behind her asks, “Bruce, what do you think about the stuff they’re teaching in the schools regarding the LGBTQ?”

Only after Jenner passes through one lobby door—presumably out of earshot—does the stalker add, “About Jesus. Don’t forget about Jesus!”

The man continues filming Jenner from behind the glass walls of CPAC’s inner sanctum while, outside, Jenner gets into her SUV. Only then does the man say, “Look at that sick freak.” He asks the now empty lobby, “Why do people want a picture with him? These are conservatives, right? Why do we want a picture with a tranny?”

As San Francisco Gate points out, few prominent conservatives stood up for their fellow Republican in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

“Hearing how some ‘conservatives’ treated @Caitlyn_Jenner at CPAC makes my blood boil,” Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren tweeted Monday. “There’s no room for your hate in the America First movement. We believe in freedom and we believe in limited government. The way she chooses to live her personal life harms you in no way!” In the past, Lahren has been less sympathetic to matters of transgender rights, tweeting her support of Donald Trump’s trans military ban and mocking brands with trans-friendly campaigns.

Still, Jenner tweeted back, “Thanks @TomiLahren We have to keep fighting. Our party is for everyone – the big tent party! I am a proud Republican.”

Former Trump advisor Brad Parscale also chimed in, tweeting, “This is disgusting and nobody should be forced to tolerate it. I hope leadership stands up and condemns this behavior immediately. Incidents like this create a dark cloud over the party.”

Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t get the memo. On Monday, she attacked Jenner’s GOP supporters and referred to her as a “man in a dress.”

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