Caitlyn Jenner’s Campaign Promises She’s Not Running for the Money

The Republican recall candidate is back on the campaign trail and fielding tough questions after filming a reality show in Australia

Olympian reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner just returned from Australia, where she’d taken a break from running for governor of the most populous state in the nation to film Big Brother VIP, but the gold metal decathlete sidestepped questions Thursday when asked if she’s only in this race for possible career-extending opportunities.

Jenner was kicking off a month-long campaign tour in Venice when a reporter asked directly if she has any big TV or book deals stewing in connection to the September 14 recall election.

“I’ve never worked so hard for nothing in my life,” Jenner replied before ducking a second query about potential cash-in projects, the Associated Press reports.

Later in the afternoon, the candidate’s campaign issued a statement assuring that Jenner “has not pursued any money-making ventures in connection with the campaign.”

Asked why Jenner had offered non-answers on the subject, the campaign responded, “It’s not a question she was expecting.”

Jenner’s Republican rivals were quick to jump at the chance to discredit her, with former congressman Doug Ose telling the AP, “I am not yet clear whether this is a serious campaign or some sort of docudrama for the purpose of monetizing it after the fact.”

Businessman John Cox, who blew millions of his own dollars to get trounced by Governor Gavin Newsom in the last election, offered, “California has had its share of media candidates, and it’s about time they got a businessman.”

The AP notes that Jenner could certainly use a cash infusion, with tax returns showing she earned $2.5 million at the height of her TV career in 2016, but dropped to around a mere $550,000 in 2018 and 2019.

Her campaign is also reportedly in debt, with just $21,000 left to spend in the final weeks of the contest.

But having already starred in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, her own series, I Am Cait, the documentary Call Me Caitlyn, plus the new Big Brother and her episode of the Netflix docuseries Untold coming out—not to mention publishing her memoir as well as a self-help book—it’s hard to imagine what other projects she could even tackle at this point.

Well, there’s that film crew that’s been following her and documenting her entire campaign.

“As with any candidate that has done in the past, there are cameras filming Caitlyn at certain big political events like CPAC,” a Jenner rep said about the crew last month. “There is no deal for any television show or documentary.”

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