CA Congressman Ted Lieu’s Twitter Account Is a Beacon of Light in the Post-Election Darkness

He’s positioning himself as a real leader of the resistance

If you’re looking for a ray of sunshine in the alternative fact-riddled hellscape that is our life now (we’re looking at you, EPA social media banBetsy DeVos and friends, executive order about the Affordable Care Act, advancement of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, and revival of the Reagan-era Mexico City Policy), look no further than Congressman Ted Lieu’s Twitter. Because the dude is killing it.

Most Congressional Twitter feeds are a steady stream of information about bills, pictures of constituents, and information about press appearances. Representative Lieu’s got all that. But he’s also losing his shit about Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s apparent lack of interest in facts.

Turns out Lieu, who represents California’s 33rd district, has an actual sense of humor. Which, among politicians, makes him about as rare as a member of Trump’s cabinet who isn’t multimillionaire.

His whole feed is full of gems like this:

And his response to this tweet:

And apparently he has a new sign on his office:

Many have (rightfully) expressed concern that Trump’s election might bring out the worst in people. But it’s also bringing out the best—and most hilarious—in others. Never stop being you, Representative Lieu.