Brush with Fame: Connie Butler, the Hammer Museum’s New Chief Curator, Exposed

The New York art world alum on her latest role

Illustration by Andy Friedman

The former MoMA exec will help oversee the Hammer’s 2014 biennial, but her first order of business is the blank canvas of Westwood. “It’s been in this fallow period for so long, the way to revitalize it is to have artists and producers rethink it.” She also hopes to foster a new kind of green movement—with endowments. “It’s alarming that an incredibly wealthy city, filled with people at the heads of industry, let MOCA come so close to failure. L.A. needs to make a commitment to its institutions.” At least there’s plenty of creative inspiration. “Los Angeles is having a moment. There are small galleries popping up, artists are moving here, and the museums are coming of age—it’s the groundwork for a really lively scene.” Now all we need are more outlets to cover it. “One of the biggest issues is that there aren’t good art publications and enough good art writers.” Duly noted!