Police Are Investigating Human Bones Found Beneath a Sidewalk in Orange County

Its the second time human remains have been found in the area in recent months

Santa Ana Public Works staffers unintentionally exhumed human remains while doing sewer repair work beneath a sidewalk on West Borchard Avenue on Tuesday morning.

According to the Santa Ana Police Department, the workers had dug about four feet down when they discovered bones, which the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner determined to be human. Santa Ana homicide detectives have responded to the scene and have launched an investigation.

This is the second recent discovery of human remains by area workers. Last month, a crew on an Orange County street trolley project unearthed leg bones and a ribcage beneath the 2000 block of West 5th Street that an archeologist identified as human.

After further investigation by the county coroner’s office, the bones were determined to be at least 100 years old and of Native American origin. The remains were subsequently released to the Native American Heritage Commission for proper burial. The sex and possible cause of death of the deceased is unknown.

No further details about the remains found Tuesday were released.

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