Bloomberg Advisor Says the Billionaire Can Bounce Back from a Disastrous Debate

“Mike will be bringing his A game to South Carolina,” according to one campaign insider

Tuesday’s Democratic debate in Nevada was the first time former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg stepped onto the stage with the rest of the candidates—and he didn’t exactly have a night that was in line with his rising poll numbers. Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren took Bloomberg to task for the NDAs former female employees were compelled to sign; Bloomberg has since said that three women can be released from the controversial contracts if they so choose.

Tim O’Brien, the journalist serving as candidate Bloomberg’s senior advisor, is in Los Angeles for meetings regarding the upcoming California primary, and we asked him about how he thinks Bloomberg can stage a comeback.

“I think Mike needs to do better in the next debate in South Carolina,” O’Brien said. “And we’re confident he will.”

O’Brien believes it was “deeply unfair” for Senator Warren to mention lawsuits against Bloomberg’s company rather than against Bloomberg personally.

“But,” O’Brien says, “this is not about being a gentleman on stage, this is about winning an election. He’s got to take responsibility.”

The next debate takes place on February 25 in South Carolina, and O’Brien has high hopes: “I believe—I’m sure of this—that in South Carolina this Tuesday, the real Mike Bloomberg will come out to play.”

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