Blogging the Blogger


Plenty has been written about Perez Hilton, the controversial gossip blogger known for his nasty commentary and larger-than-life personality (didn’t it seem like he was in the news every day for a while there this summer?). But in our December 2009 issue, Sara Wilson does one better with Alter Egos, the most comprehensive, in-depth profile of the blogger yet. The piece—the product of a year’s worth of investigation of his life and business, interviews with dozens of his friends, family members, and associates (from his sister Barbara to Paris Hilton), and hours spent with Hilton himself, both at home and out in the world—is an intensely personal look at the guy behind that will make you reconsider all you know about someone you thought you knew everything about. The full story is currently only available on newsstands, but you can check out our primer on Perez’s career highs and lows, from breaking celebrity news to public spats and million-dollar lawsuits, right now.