New Bill Proposes Four-Day Workweek for California

Proposed bill AB 2932 would create a 32-hour workweek for companies with more than 500 employees

The battle to make work easier and more productive is half won by those who can work remotely. A new bill in the California legislature might take Californians all the way to a modern workplace if it’s approved: think the four-day workweek.

Proposed bill AB 2932 would create a 32 workweek for companies with at more than 500 employees, according to ABC7. Workdays would remain at 8 hours. Overtime pay would be required for those working more four full days.

Meanwhile, a test of the four-hour work week encompassing thousands of workers across the United States and Canada just began, reports CNBC. It’s part of nonprofit 4 Day Week Global, which is affiliated with University of Oxford. Thirty-eight companies are participating in the program, which runs through September.

In Iceland, the four-day weekday has been deemed successful. Public sector employees taking part in trials between 2015 and 2019 worked 35-36 hours per week, for the same pay, reports the BBC. After the trials, workers in across sectors negotiated for fewer hours, and 86 percent of the country is now working fewer hours or have the right to do so.

There are arguments against the four-day weekday, such as the truncated work-time not spiking productivity as planned but instead causing workers to do things like “squeezing more labor into each hour or logging on during their purported day off,” reports WIRED. In short, those four days can get a lot more intense.

Among California-based companies that already have already adopted a four-day workweek including tech companies like Buffer and thredUP,  according to Buzzfeed‘s recent list.

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