Beloved L.A. Influencer Emma Chamberlain Returns to Youtube

After a six-month absence that left fans badly jonesing for Chamberlain’s unique take on everyday life, plus the Met Gala, she is once again a font of content

One of Los Angeles’ most most popular Youtubers, Emma Chamberlain, finally returned to the platform last week after a six-month hiatus that was harrowing for her fans.

Chamberlain’s last post was on December 14, 2021. While did address her noticeable absence from Youtube on a February episode of her podcast Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain, it was hardly a satisfying alternative for the clips her followers have come to adore. In the episode, “the truth about youtube,” Chamberlain,21, described the pressure behind posting content each week, as well as the negative impact on her mental health caused by critical comments and a her self-imposed lack of privacy.

“I never see myself leaving Youtube for good,” she said on the podcast. “But, I definitely see myself leaving the way I used to do Youtube.” 

In her nearly 18 minute-long triumphant return video, titled “what’s good in new york,” Chamberlain is in Washington Square Park holding a microphone and a sign reading, “PLEASE let me ask you just ONE question for my cute little youtube video.” She then befriends locals and lets their recommendations on lunch spots, coffee shops and sightseeing guide her through the city. 

The young influencer boasts 11.5 million subscribers on Youtube and 15.7 million followers on Instagram since she started a Youtube channel about five years ago. Fans find comfort in Chamberlain’s videos that capture her everyday life, which is often as simple as cooking or reading in bed. Chamberlain’s signature upbeat yet honest vlogs, edited for comedic value, have led her to the Met Gala, Paris Fashion Week, and more.

Chamberlain captioned her back-to-Youtube video “happy to be back”—and fans seemed equally thrilled. The video has quickly garnered hundreds of thousands of views and her name began trending on Twitter.

While she hasn’t clarified what changes will come with her return to Youtube, if Chamberlain’s unfavorable review of Times Square means anything, we may see her soon in L.A., continuing to show us her everyday walks and iced coffee runs back home. 

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