Inside the Bel-Air Megamansion a Local Cosmetic Surgeon Is Desperately Trying to Unload

Palazzo di Vista has a DJ booth, an NFT art gallery, and a controversial owner. Check out a few more of the home’s highlights

Anyone who believes beauty is only skin deep may want to check out the Wall Street Journal’s real estate section, which recently reported that three of the most expensive listings on the market were all owned by L.A. cosmetic surgeons. They are Raj Kanodia, whose patient list includes the Kardashians; Paul Nassif, of Botched reality-TV fame; and 48-year-old Alex Khadavi, who, in the WSJ article, was pictured happily hanging from the rafters of his Bel-Air mansion. Sadly, the Glendale-based dermatologist to Lance Bass and David Hasselhoff went on to score some less-welcome media attention in July, when news of an altercation with his neighbors at a West Hollywood condo was splashed across the tabloids: he was arrested for making felony criminal threats. By then, Khadavi’s dream house had become more of a nightmare.

Khadavi had nabbed the 21,000-square-foot estate for $16 million in 2013, hoping to turn it into a tricked-out bachelor pad; but after pouring millions into refurbishments like an NFT art gallery and a levitating DJ booth, he says he can’t afford to live there. It can be yours for the fire-sale price of $87.8 million. Check it out.


Two wings flank a courtyard koi pond and a three-story glass elevator.


Khadavi atop the ten-foot-tall glass-and-chrome DJ booth (with smoke and mist machines) that rises out of the living-room floor on a hydraulic lift. The doctor is surrounded by his $7 million NFT and digital-art collections.


Khadavi’s exotic car museum is housed in a temperature-controlled showroom that features a Transformers robot sculpture.


The seven-bedroom house opens to a pool where at night a light show inspired by Disneyland’s World of Color provides entertainment. The living room has expansive views that stretch from the San Gabriel Mountains to Catalina Island.

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