Hey, Good News: This Outrageous Bel-Air Mansion Is Only $150 Million Now

Finally, you can snag 17 bedrooms and a candy wall for $100 million less than the original list price

“This home was curated for the ultimate billionaire who wants the best of everything that exists in life,” developer Bruce Makowsky said in 2017, when he first listed the fantasy manor he constructed at 924 Bel-Air Road. And his idea of “the best of everything” really included everything. Infinity pool, helipad, movie theaters, collections of art and cars, and a candy wall for people who want to make sure they’re stocked up on sweets when the revolution comes.

In spite of all the trimmings, it seems no billionaire actually jumped at the chance to pay the $250 million original asking price for the Bel-Air mansion. Had it sold for that price, it would have been among the biggest residential real estate transactions ever. Just this week, hedge fund tycoon Ken Griffin set a new record for most expensive house purchase in U.S. history–and that was a mere $238 million.

924 Bel-Air mega mansion most expensive house la

Photo courtesy of Hilton & Hyland

And so, Makowsky has decided to make a deal, slashing an entire $100 million off the asking price. Some houses don’t even cost $100 million to start with, but those homes are for regular people. Like your average, everyday billionaires.

924 Bel-Air mega mansion most expensive house la

Photo courtesy of Hilton & Hyland

Among the amenities your cool $150 million will buy: 10 VIP guest suites, three kitchens, a bowling alley, and 270-degree views of mountains, skyline, and ocean. The candy wall is part of an elaborate game room, and the garage contains a multi-million dollar collection of cars, which Makowsky helpfully picked out on the assumption that you, a billionaire, do not already have a car. He has also already gone ahead and hired a seven person full-time staff to attend to your every need.

A promo video showing off the home, cars, helicopter, and windswept models sipping drinks, offers additional views of the compound.

The home is listed with luxury realtors Hilton & Hyland by agents Rayni Williams and Branden Williams. If you buy it, please invite us to your first dinner party. We promise we won’t steal any silverware. Or cars.

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