Authorities Investigate 50 Dogs Found Caged Alive in Border 32 Fire

Animal service workers found dozens of canines tied up and caged, plus peacocks, ducks and assorted livestock

San Diego Animal Service workers found almost 50 dogs that were left tied up and caged on a single property as the Border 32 fire began to burn the surrounding area.

Fortunately, none of the animals all the dogs survived, despite their close proximity to the blaze.

“It was actually pretty surprising based on the amount of burn on that property,” Lt. Talia Padilla told NBC San Diego.

Chickens, peacocks, ducks, and other livestock were found as well.

Lt. Padilla explained the importance of having a plan when it comes to caring for animals in an emergency, saying, “I call that someone that needs some intervention and some education on the adequate care of animals.”

The animals are currently being taken care of by Animal Services and the county is investigating.

“We’ve seen some skinny animals,” Padilla said. “Some animals that might not be receiving adequate veterinary care,”

The fire that started on Wednesday burned roughly 5000 acres as California finds itself in the middle of a massive heat wave with temperatures rising well over 100 degrees. The high temperatures have made it difficult and dangerous for firefighters to work safely, with some being sent to the hospital due to heat-related issues. The fire has burned three homes as well as several other buildings, the Los Angeles Times reported.

On Friday, the San Diego County Sheriff’s department lifted all evacuations for the Border 32 fire which had been issued for 1,500 residents as the fire began to grow.

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