Asics is Gearing Up for the Largest Course Activation Lighting Ever Ahead of the LA Marathon


Like Batman, Los Angeles understands exactly how useful spotlights can be. Unlike Batman, we use them as a LAVISH EVENT! signal, not a DISTRESS! signal (but who cares because potato, po-tah-to).

Asics America, the sponsor behind the LA Marathon, is borrowing our city’s signature method of grabbing attention for this weekend’s run. On Friday, the company will activate 124 spotlights—equivalent to 29,100 light bulbs—which will mark each mile on the marathon route from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica. As far as Asics knows, this will be the largest course lighting activation ever (and might even be visible from space).

Asics America Senior Director of Marketing Shannon Scott explained that the lighting scheme is meant to commemorate the marathon’s 30th anniversary as well as Los Angeles itself. “We tasked ourselves with putting together something extremely unique to L.A.,” she said. “Over 85 people will help us pull it off: 26 trucks will be getting the lights set up at 20 different spots on the course, and we’ll have a helicopter crew taking aerial footage for a live feed. It’s a celebration of this unique course and the city.”

The switch will be flipped at a lighting ceremony this Friday night at 8:40 p.m., and the spotlights will stay illuminated until 10:15 p.m. If any of the six astronauts currently in space are reading this right now, do let us know if L.A. looks a little brighter that night.