Arnold Schwartznegger Doesn’t Give a “****” What You Think About Climate Change

The Ice Man cometh!

The Paris climate talks are still underway, and back on the home front, Arnold Schwartznegger has been more than vocal about his opinion on the subject of climate change. The former Republican Governator is all for renewable energy, and he’s sick of ultra-conservative trolls hating on his Facebook posts about the subject. To retaliate, he’s wielding the freeze-ray of Internet rhetoric, and he has a few choice words for those who think global warming is a hoax:

“Let’s put climate change aside for a minute,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. “Every day, 19,000 people die from pollution from fossil fuels. Do you accept those deaths? Do you accept that children all over the world have to grow up breathing with inhalers?”

Fossil fuels, he says, are like Blockbuster in the age of Netflix, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t all be getting behind the push for clean energy, regardless of whether or not we think climate change is occurring. He even resorts to Jingle All the Way-caliber swearing to get his point across. Check it out.