Are the Golden Globe Awards Coming Back to Life?

After a variety of scandals threatened to end the Globes, there’s a scheme to save the show by cutting it from the body that governed it

For well over a year, it seemed the almost 80-year-old Hollywood Foreign Press Golden Globe awards were dead in the water. Once Hollywood’s most fun (read: booze at tables, champagne sponsor) night of awards season—every first Sunday in January—and second highest in prestige after the Oscars, the Hollywood Foreign Press fell under microscopic scrutiny in February 2021 when it was revealed the organization had no Black members, little diversity at all.

Meanwhile, the HFPA was making millions in profits from NBC even as it was accused of taking multitudes of free trips, gifts, money and dinners from studios who want their movies and actors to win—and of not handling junkets with those stars very well. Your basic all-around corruption.

The press came after them, of course. NBC cancelled the Globes in early 2022 and vowed not to bring them back till the HFPA change their ways. Hollywood celebrity publicists said they’d withhold their stars from HFPA junkets and interviews unless they saw proof of change. Without those movie and TV celebrity interviews, these foreign journalists, as the saying goes, Got nuthin’.

The groups made an attempt at reform since last year, but most people dealing with them were still skeptical. The Golden Globes need a real image overhaul.

Now, the Golden Globe Awards themselves have been turned into a separate entity from the HFPA’s charitable and philanthropic programs; it will be run by Eldridge Industries, a company that will convert it to a non-profit.

This is quite the 360, as you can imagine, since HFPA members were reportedly accused of extracting millions from profits the group made from the show. There was more than enough profit to go around.

Eldridge Industries is run by Todd Boehly, not an unfamiliar name in Hollywood. Mr. Boehly was an owner of The Hollywood Reporter, the Dodgers, Dick Clark Productions (which has produced the Golden Globes so far). He’s served as the interim CEO of the organization since 2021.

Eldridge plans to start a new private company which would acquire all rights to the Golden Globes intellectual property, according to THR and Variety, and modernize the Globes. Meanwhile, the Hollywood Foreign Press is doing something it has rarely done before—adding more voters to their tight roster, taking diversity into consideration.

Several companies approached the HFPA to work with them or be consulted—but it took Boehly’s offer in the end.

There’s no assurance the Globes will go on in January 2023 on NBC, as they always have. But word on the street is they know if they don’t do a show this year, it may never happen again. Other groups scrambled and got their old dates. Now it seems members are scrambling to see the fall festival films so they can have nominations ready by early December.

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