This Arched Expo Could Forever Change the Anaheim Freeway

A sneak peek of ARTIC, Orange County’s new high-speed rail station

When you’ve headed to points south in recent years you may have noticed a puffy sliver hump rising on the horizon. It’s Anaheim’s new high-speed rail station, ARTIC, and it’s going to open in December. I got to take a peek inside this week when I rode Amtrak down to the old Anaheim station, which will be dismantled early next year. Now wait, you say, there’s no high-speed rail—yet? That’s true. But what ARTIC is doing is slowly pulling together all the local transit methods, from Amtrak to Metrolink, to buses to Disneyland, to bikeways, to an easy way to walk to Angel Stadium into this one gorgeous hub that will become a landmark for all those drivers on the 5 stuck in traffic to see. It will show drivers there is a better way to get around, and when high-speed rail does arrive, it will be ready to transform the region forever.

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