(Another) Local Star


Your OWN Show, Oprah Winfrey’s reality TV show where contestants will compete for the chance to follow in her famous footsteps, debuts today, and KTLA-TV reporter Elizabeth Espinosa, who has appeared on-air locally for over a decade, is in the running. Here’s what she told us about her shot at Oprah-dom:  

“On Oprah’s Your OWN Show I’m competing against nine other candidates—each one with amazing ideas. My show idea is to go around the country and expose the lives of people living with disabilities. My younger brother, Christian, is severely disabled, and he has taught me to see every experience, every person, and every glorious day as an opportunity to contribute just a little something to enrich our lives and the lives of those who surround our community.”

Mayor Richard Riordan is hosting a party to congratulate Espinosa tonight, but we’re wishing her the best of luck right here and now knowing that by nightfall we’ll likely be too deep into OWN programming to tear ourselves away. Go get ‘em, Elizabeth!