Angelyne Is Eyeing a Run for Governor (Again)

As Gavin Newsom faces a possible recall, he can count on having at least one colorful challenger

Activists unhappy with California Governor Gavin Newsom have reportedly gathered more than 2 million signatures to have him recalled. The last time a California governor was recalled—Gray Davis back in 2003—interesting characters came out of the woodwork to challenge him, including pornographer Larry Flynt, child actor Gary Coleman, porn star Mary Carey, and L.A.’s own billboard queen Angelyne, whose slogan was, “We’ve had Gray, we’ve had Brown, now it’s time for some blond and pink.”

Nearly two decades later—as a potential Caitlyn Jenner run grabs all the headlines—the self-styled icon is once again throwing her bubblegum-pink hat into the ring. There are still several hurdles to go before any candidate sees their name on a ballot to unseat Newsom, but Angelyne has already launched a campaign website and is gearing up for another foray into political candidacy.

She pulled over the pink Corvette for a phone interview (but we could still hear the fans shouting out to her from the side of the road).  

Why are you planning to run for governor?

I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while, before Caitlyn Jenner [was rumored to be weighing a run], and I’m running again because of the recall. It went crazy last time. Now I’m an experienced politician. When I was little I wanted to rule the universe but I wanted to make sure everybody was happy. Who wants to be the ruler of a bunch of sad sacks?

What brought you back into it?

I’m the honorary mayor of West Hollywood; they gave me the key to the city. A political organization asked me to run for mayor of L.A. in 2002. I don’t know if they’re Democratic or Republican. That gave me my first political leg before I ran for governor a year later. I am the Angelyne Party.

What is your platform?

My slogans are “Good Luck California” and “I have the Key to California.” I’m going to be sitting on the key. In 2003 I set the pace and the pathway for people to run who were not just the gray-suited people. I’m this gorgeous blonde with big boobs and people saw that if Angelyne can run with that image, we can all do it and 500 people followed my lead. I’ve made a pathway for anyone who wants to run.

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Have you done anything in politics since then?

God, no. I’ve never been to Sacramento. City Hall? What’s City Hall? Simply by the virtue of me being governor all other politicians will rise to their highest selves and become honorable. I don’t have time to think about politics I’m so busy making my film and trying to get into office.

What are your hot button issues?

Hot button?! Ooh! (squeals)

I mean, what would you tackle first?

I’m getting fresh squeezed celery juice right now. Once I’m in office, I’d like everybody to write me with their ideas. If they have a good solution I would hire them to fix it. Isn’t that brilliant? There are so many people out there with inventions who don’t have the money to put them into force. I would allocate a budget for it of course.

Are there any social issues you’d like to take on?

I would love to get everybody a place to live that doesn’t have one. I think it will help everybody. I have a grassroots idea to hire nice people as social workers to help people get on their feet. Then employ that person to help the next one get off the street so they’re all helping each other. It’s exponential. That means it keeps going.

What else is happening in your world?

I just sold an NFT. You know the guy who invented tweets? He just sold his first tweet for $2.5 million. I have a cursor of me on my car. It could be a dinosaur or a heart, but it’s me. Anybody can download it, but there’s only one original. It’s like owning the Mona Lisa. They bought it for thousands. I’m working up to millions. People have been dressing up like Angelyne and posting this video. I really did walk into the wrong restroom because of the signs. That’s why I don’t wear pants. Do you know anyone as dumb blond as me?


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What would you do if you won the election?

Remember, I got a lot of votes last time, but I was fortunate that I didn’t have to become governor and sit in an office. If I win I promise that I will not sit in an office, I’ll still drive my car as the governor’s office on wheels. People will be appointed to do things like put gas in my car. We’ll have a party and make a pretend governor and give everybody the option of being in power. It is for the people, isn’t it?

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