Andrew Tate, Influencer of Young Males, Banned From Insta and Facebook

Critics—claiming Tate promotes misogyny, homophobia and violence to impressionable youngsters—are pushing TikTok to remove him next

Andrew Tate is now banned on Instagram and Facebook. Meta, the company that owns the two social media platforms, removed the former kickboxer and controversial influencer on Friday, according to BBC News

Meta said Tate’s account, which had 4.7 million followers, violated policies on dangerous organizations and individuals. This move is in line with growing criticism of Tate. Though he considers himself a life coach, many accuse him of using the platforms to pitch misogyny, rape culture, homophobia and violence to an audience of young males. 

Before Meta banished Tate, Twitter kicked him off its platform after he said women should “bear responsibility” for being sexually assaulted. Though Tate is now exiled from three major sites, he remains on TikTok, which appears to be his largest platform, with his hashtag boasting 13.2 billion views. 

To that end, a petition demanding Tate’s TikTok removal was launched last week. The petition had initially called on all social media platforms to remove Tate, but it is now targeting TikTok alone. The petition-starter says he plans to report the results to the company by the end of August. On Friday evening, more than 16,900 had signed the petition, which has a stated goal of 25,000.

The petitioners claim that Tate “has been preying upon the mental health of young men to manipulate, gaslight, and abuse them, which he then uses to groom these young men and boys into hating women, girls, and queer people.” They cited Tate’s “Hustler’s University,” a subscriber-based network where he preaches money-making tactics to primarily young men, as a vital means of recruitment for Tate. 

Of course, both sides came out to express their feelings about Instagram and Facebook—on Twitter.

In one corner:

However, even some of those who find Tate to be a run-of-the-mill, weirdo turd contend that censorship is censorship is censorship.

Tate has not commented on the Meta ban.

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