An Update on The Mitrice Richardson Case


“I am speechless,” commented Reesee2003 after coming across Mike Kessler’s September 2011 feature, “What Happened to Mitrice Richardson?,” about the death of a young African American woman whose body was discovered a year after L.A. County sheriff’s deputies turned her loose in the middle of the night near Malibu. “I will keep [her family] in my prayers. I will also continue to follow this story.” So will we. In fact, we have an update for you now:

In its follow-up report, the Office of Independent Review cited poor communication as the reason deputies preempted coroner personnel by removing Richardson’s body from the scene.

Also, a reexamination of Richardson’s body failed to reveal the cause of death. Citing costs, officials declined to test bug-egg casings on her body to help pinpoint the location and time of death.

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