Depp Trial: Amber Punched Johnny, Johnny ‘Rearranged Her Closet’

Former bodyguard Travis McGivern witnessed physical abuse toward Depp as well as vicious verbal arguments

Amber Heard spit on and punched Johnny Depp in the face, Depp’s former bodyguard Travis McGivern testified from Los Angeles in Monday morning’s edition of Depp’s $50 million defamation suit against his ex in Fairfax County, Virginia.

McGivern, speaking through a flowing gray beard, described Depp and Heard as initially “super-loving, super happy, and the next night they could be arguing.” The arguing really took off, he said, around March 2015, when they got back from Australia. When McGivern picked the couple up from the airport, Depp’s hand was wrapped in a cast—from what we now know to be the incident involving a champagne bottle during which the tip of the actor’s finger was chopped off.

McGivern said he was occasionally called to the downtown Los Angeles penthouse where the couple lived to remove Johnny from the situation when the arguing got out of hand. One night, Amber reacted to his involvement: “She basically demeaned my career choice, she said how would you feel if someone was involved in your relationship.” She said “a lot. It was a lengthy one-sided conversation.”

During this fight, “she threw her purse at [Depp], which he knocked away. At one point she spit at him.”

The verbal argument consisted of barbs like, “You’re fucking washing up, you’re a fucking cunt. The deadbeat dad shit. The f-word was being thrown around to the point where I felt uncomfortable.”

Depp went upstairs, McGivern testified, and “rearranged her closet for her. He threw down every rack of clothing. He threw a rack down the stairs.”

And then, “I saw a closed first come across my left shoulder” and connect with Mr. Depp’s face.

“The initial look on his face kind of mirrored mine, kind of a look of shock,” McGivern said. The bodyguard attempted to remove Depp from the situation, feeling he had let the situation go on too long.

“I had let him get hit by a Red Bull can [earlier in the night], I had let him get punched… As we were leaving the front door, Johnny pulled his glasses down, pointed to the left side of his face, and said, ‘That’s your fault.'”

“There was already a nice little shiner forming—it was swollen and red.”

When asked about Depp’s drug used, McGivern was unfazed. He said he saw Depp use marijuana “daily,” and that its effect on him was that the actor became “super chill, super mellow. Cocaine, which he saw him use on two occasions, was similar—he felt like it “leveled him out.”

As for alcohol, McGivern testified, “Mr. Depp handles his liquor very well,” other than the odd times where he got drunk, which McGivern defined as the times he would “fall asleep on the couch sitting up with his boots on.”

McGivern said he never saw any injuries on Heard.

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