Alta Journal’s “Fake Boobs” Tweet About L.A. Was Way Off-Base

Angelenos clapped back at the Bay Area mag’s awkward attempt at flattery

“Fake Boobs, Real News” was the headline of Alta Journal’s story, which went on to say that “Los Angeles might be the land of make-believe, but the journalism coming out of the City of Angeles is anything but fake.”

We certainly appreciate recognition of the hard work being done by local media outlets here in town (shout outs to L.A. Taco, theLAnd, etc.) but is this really the way we want it framed? The assumption that L.A.’s default modality is fake and shallow is boring and dated at best.

“With old dogs learning new tricks and new dogs, well, joining the pack, an upswing in exciting, groundbreaking, and vital reporting is taking place in Los Angeles,” Alta Journal wrote.

It bears mentioning that Alta Journal is based in the Bay Area, where putting down L.A. was once a popular past-time. We didn’t think that was still much of a thing–especially with so many ex-S.F. residents trying to move to L.A every day–but perhaps the old rivalries die hard.

Predictably, lots of people in L.A. objected to Alta’s post–many in biting or hilarious style.

The story’s author, San Francisco journalist Beth Spotswood Danza, intended the language to “make fun of the stereotype” of Los Angeles and did not expect the backlash it quickly received.

“I’m surprised and sorry,” Spotswood Danza said when asked about the negative reactions to her characterizations of L.A. “I thought it was silly, a little tongue-in-cheek. I didn’t expect it to touch a nerve.”

So here’s our take: Local journalism in L.A. is having a great moment! And, simultaneously, some small portion of the city’s population may have breast implants! We hope this serves as a teachable moment, and encourages future writers to spend more time thinking about local media’s work and less about our boobs.

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