Alleged January 6 Rioter from California Begs for Asylum in Belarus

“I don’t think I have committed some kind of a crime,” Evan Nuemann told state-run TV station Belarus 1

A Mill Valley, California, man wanted by the FBI for his alleged part in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol is on the lam in Belarus, where he’s seeking asylum from charges including assaulting the police, obstruction, violent entry on Capitol grounds, and other federal crimes.

As the Associated Press reports, Evan Nuemann, 48, told state-run TV station Belarus 1, “I don’t think I have committed some kind of a crime. One of the charges was very offensive; it alleges that I hit a police officer. It doesn’t have any grounds to it.”

The grounds, according to court documents, are that Neumann, sporting his MAGA cap, stood in front of a police barricade with a gaggle of fellow rioters and screamed at cops before slipping into a gas mask and screaming that police would be “overrun” by the crowd.

Prosecutors quote Nuemann—who owns a handbag manufacturing concern—as saying to one officer, “I’m willing to die, are you?”

Additionally, police body cam footage shows Neumann and the gang shoving a metal barricade into a line of officers who were trying to push back the crowd before he punched two officers with his fist and then hit them with the barricade, court papers state.

After being sold out to the Feds by a family friend, Nuemann beat a hasty retreat to Europe on the pretense of a business trip, hitting Italy in March, and then passed through Switzerland—where more savvy fugitives have made their homes—and into Germany and Poland before arriving in Ukraine, where he settled down for a few months.

Much to Nuemann’s chagrin, Ukraine wasn’t so hot to have him as a guest, perhaps due to Team Trump’s “batshit” campaign to blackmail that nation into helping his doomed reelection dreams.

Nuemann says he was soon being surveilled by Ukraine security forces.

“I wouldn’t dare ask for asylum until the (Security Service of Ukraine) started following me in Ukraine, two weeks later. It’s horrible,” he also told Belarus 1. “It is awful. It is political persecution.”

Belarus, where he arrived in August, has been a more understanding host. The station described the wandering MAGAist as a “simple American, whose stores were burned down by members of the Black Lives Matter movement, who was seeking justice, asking inconvenient questions, but lost almost everything and is being persecuted by the U.S. government.”

It also reported that “something” made Neumann “flee from the country of fairytale freedoms and opportunities.”

Belarus—known as “the last dictatorship in Europe”—is currently under U.S. sanctions for its most recent phony elections and related crimes. Its strongman President, Trump bro-crush Alexander Lukashenko, may soon face charges of crimes against humanity if some of his fellow countrymen get their way.

“We’ve seen Belarusian state media reporting about this individual Evan Newman,” a State Department rep tells the AP. “Due to U.S. privacy laws, we’re limited in what we can say about individual U.S. citizens.

The spokesman referred questions to the Justice Department, which said it doesn’t comment “on the existence or nonexistence of requests for apprehension to foreign governments.”

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