A Celeb Dermatologist Allegedly Threatened His Neighbors in a Homophobic Rant

Security video purports to show Dr. Alex Khadavi having a meltdown in the lobby of a WeHo condo complex

Dermatologist to the stars Dr. Alex Khadavi reportedly left his neighbor seeking a restraining order after allegedly being caught on camera in the throes of a homophobic tirade at his West Hollywood condominium complex.

In lobby surveillance footage recorded on July 7 and obtained by TMZ and published Thursday, a man reported to be Khadavi—who’s treated the likes of Lance Bass and David Hasselhoff—is heard yelling, “I’ll fuck you up, fucking f***ot!” while fussing with his dog as a concierge looks on from the front desk.

“Who?” the concierge asks.

“All these fucking f***ots,” the A-list pimple-popper replies.

The rest of the minute-plus soliloquy is difficult to decipher due to poor recording quality and the fact that the man heavily slurs his words. But lowlights include, “I’m a fucking man, dude! I’ll shoot you, I don’t give a fuck… I’m protecting my fucking rights. Nobody tells me what to do—nobody! My parents don’t tell me. Nobody tells me! I’ll shoot you in the fucking face, fucking f***ot! I’ll blow your fucking head off! Fucking little bitches. Motherfucker, don’t fuck with me.”

As he exits the building, the man turns back to the concierge and advises, “I don’t fuck around.”

Returning sometime later, the individual is still going off at the mouth, mumbling about “little bitches,” before disappearing into an elevator.

According to legal documents reviewed by TMZ, a neighbor of Khadavi’s subsequently filed for a restraining order against the skin job doc for himself and his husband, claiming that Khadavi not only made threats against gay people in general but had specifically asked the concierge about him and his partner, implying that he was going to kill them.

Additionally, the concierge says that Khadavi showed him a handgun about two months before the rant, while preparing for another walk with his dog.

Meanwhile, Khadavi is still trying to sell his seven-bedroom, 21,000 square-foot Bel Air mansion—christened Palazzo di Vista—for $87.77 million.

Safe to say that Million Dollar Listing star Matt Altman is not handling that particular sale. In 2016, Altman secured a restraining order against Khadavi for allegedly threatening to kill him and saying he “hated all Jews” at a real estate event. Per the order, Khadavi was prohibited from coming within 100 yards of Altman; his girlfriend, Johanna; his brother, Josh; and Josh’s wife, Heather.

A rep for Khadavi called those allegations “ridiculous” and “completely false,” explaining that Khadavi is Jewish and had a Bar Mitzvah.

Khadavi did not respond to TMZ’s request for comment regarding the latest incident.

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