Afternoon Update: L.A. Breaks Another New Single-Day COVID-19 Record

Also a tech CEO’s racist rant and other stories you may have missed today

» Thanks to a test result backlog, Tuesday marked Los Angeles County’s biggest daily rise yet in COVID-19 cases. Day over day, there was an increase of 4,015 positive results; likewise, the positivity rate climbed from below 10 percent on Monday to 11.5 percent on Tuesday. [Los Angeles Times]

» Michael Lofthouse, CEO of a Silicon Valley cloud computing startup, has been identified by several outlets as the man who launched a racist rant against an Asian family at a restaurant in Monterey. Before calling the person filming him “an Asian piece of shit,” he warned the family, “Trump’s gonna fuck you.” [ABC 7]

» Locals are lining up to participate in COVID-19 vaccine trials. A Pasadena man told L.A. Daily News, “I was stricken by the very core idea: We can put ourselves on the line, at risk, to help countless other people by getting a COVID vaccine sooner.” [Los Angeles Daily News]

» Mary Trump’s tell-all book about her uncle Donald is coming out earlier than expected, and the media is already laying out all of the most fascinating details, among them that the president allegedly paid someone to take the SAT for him when he was in school and that he once, she says, complimented his own niece’s breasts. [The Guardian

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