Afternoon Cram: Turning Down City Noise

Everything you need to know from today’s news headlines

Los Angeles Residential Helicopter Noise Relief Act Proposed
At least we think that’s what we heard over all that helicopter noise.

Priest Accused of Sexual Misconduct Went on to Work for LAUSD
He’s just been released from his school job.

Lakers Beat the Pistons
They’re doing… okay.

108.4 Million Viewers Watched the Super Bowl
So no, football fans don’t mind a little power outage.

Free Westlake House Listed on Craigslist
Here’s the catch: It can’t stay where it is.

Katie Couric Books Joe Paterno’s Widow
She’s on a bit of a roll with human-interest football stories.

Cal State Fullerton Assistant Woman’s Basketball Coach Found Dead
Monica Quan and her boyfriend were discovered shot to death in a car.

Disney Vacating Burbank Offices on Alameda
The Mouse is on the move.

Villaraigosa Staying Put in L.A. Through June
So, no cabinet job for him for now.

Big Bear Tour Bus Crash Investigation Underway
So far, at least eight people are dead.