Afternoon Cram: There is Now Evidence To Suggest Angelenos Really Do Suck at Driving in the Rain

Everything you need to know from today’s news headlines

Freeway Accidents Quintuple When it Rains
Consider the myth that Angelenos don’t know how to drive in the rain confirmed.

Giant Black Hole Confounds Scientists
It’s sent them down a black hole, so to speak.

California Joins the Powerball Lottery
Unfortunately, not in time to win the current half-billion jackpot.

Man Protesting Foreclosure By Attaching Himself to Traffic Light Requests Rescue
His sign said STOP DEUTSCHE BANK. HIs mouth said “Get me down!”

L.A. King Public Address Announcer Suffers Pulmonary Embolism
R.I.P. David Courtney.

Union Rep for Clerks Are Picketing at the Port of Los Angeles
Mark Lacter asks, Why now?

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards Get an Air Date
Circle Sunday, Sept. 22 on your 2013 calendar.

Lindsay Lohans Turnaround Just Turned Around
The actress was arrested in NY and charged for additional crimes in California.