Afternoon Cram: The State of Our State

California’s financial turn around and everything else you need to know from today’s local news headlines

Governor Brown: California’s Budget Is Solid
The Governor gave himself a nice pat on the back in his state of the state address,

Richard Branson Helps Raise $2,000 For Glendale Homeless Shelter
In related news, he leant a pair of his shoes to volunteer Shannon Smith.

It’s Officially The Future: LAUSD Classrooms Are Getting Tablets!
The School Construction Bond Citizen’s Oversight Committee approved a proposal in a 9-6 vote.

A Seatbelt Likely Saved A Woman Who Drove Off Mulholland Cliff This Morning
Buckle up!

It’s Raining
Hello, bad weather traffic.

J.J. Abrams to Direct the Next Star Wars Film
So there’s going to be a 7thStar Wars.

Wanted: Downtown Streetcar Feedback
If you’d like to have a say in what the L.A. streetcar environmental impact report studies, now’s the time.

Two-Buck Chuck To Cost More Than Two Bucks
The price of Trader Joe’s-stocked Charles Shaw wine is going up.