Afternoon Cram: The Governor’s Lesson Plan

Everything you need to know from today’s local news headlines

Jerry Brown Has Some Ideas To Reform the UC and Cal State Systems
Brown: more teaching, less research, and more online courses, please.

Recent Western Ave. Robberies Possibly Linked to Spree Suspect
The Western Bandit has resurfaced!

Los Angeles Tourism Hit Record High Last Year
41.4 million visitors flocked to the City of Angels in 2012.

LAPD Forever Closes Parker Center
The department began moving into L.A.’s new police headquarters in 2009.

Things Looking Somewhat Up for the Lakers
They beat the Milwaukee Bucks by 16 points.

An Armed Adult Male Barricaded Himself in His East L.A. Home Following An Argument With His Mother
SWAT deputies entered the home but did not discover the suspect.

A Sequel to Twins Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, and Eddie Murphy is In The Works
Why leave well enough alone?