Afternoon Cram: The Big One is (Still) Coming

Everything you need to know from today’s news headlines

The Big One Could Span All of California
An earthquake along the San Andreas fault could impact the full state.

It Might Be Possible for California to Live Within Its Means
At least Gov. Jerry Brown seems to think so!

Two Injured in Kern County School Shooting
A 16-year-old student shot a classmate with a 12-gauge shot gun.

Mayor Villaraigosa Endorses Mike Feuer For L.A. City Attorney
,,,Making things a little awkward for incumbent city attorney Carmen Trutanich.

Junior Seau Suffered From Traumatic Brain Disease
Scientists have been studying the footballer’s brain since he committed suicide last May.

The 2013 Oscar Nominees Have Been Announced
Some people got good news very early this morning. Others did not.
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MLB Players To Be Tested For Human Growth Hormone Mid-Season
This could make it harder to dope without consequences.

Vice President Biden to Present Gun Control Proposal Next Week
He’ll pitch ideas to the Prez on Tuesday.