Afternoon Cram: Taylor Swift Also Dreamed a Dream

Everything you need to know from today’s local news headlines

Taylor Swift Bests Les Mis Soundtrack on Music Charts
Red – Taylor Swift’s new album!

Emanuel Pleitez Qualifies for City Matching Funds in Race for Mayor
We have a fifth mayoral candidate, L.A.!

Pasadena Macy’s to Close
It will remain open until early spring; clearance sales begin January 7.

Two California Teens Drugged Their Parents’ Milkshakes to Sneak Time Online
They are so grounded when they get out of jail.

New California Lawmakers Sworn in Thursday Morning
14 Californians joined the class of the 113th Congress today in Washington D.C.

California Highway Patrol is Hiring
The three-year job freeze has thawed.

Medical Marijuana Measure Gets 41,138 Signatures
The initiative to regulate (and allow) pot dispensaries could end up on a ballot.

Following Outage Power Restored to Burbank Homes and Businesses
Blame the wind.

Speaker of the House Boehner Eeks Out Reelection Win
He defeated Rep. Nancy Pelosi by 28 votes.