Afternoon Cram: Support For Prop 8 Is Dwindling

Meg Whitman’s stance on marriage has evolved and everything else you need to know from today’s local news headlines

Meg Whitman. Photograph courtesy

Former California Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman Is Now Against Prop 8
“Marriage makes society better.”

CSUN Names Brandon Martin Athletic Director
He once played ball for USC.

Future Former Pope Benedict To Be Called “Emeritus Pope”
He’ll also wear his white papal cassock and be addressed as “Your Holiness.”

Man Dead, Woman Injured in Hawthorne House Fire
The blaze broke out in the 13400 block of Cerise Ave. this morning.

Small Earthquake Hits Loma Linda
A 3.6er shook the area this afternoon.

Seth MacFarlane Does Not Want To Host The Oscars Ever Again
It’s for the best.

Anne Hathaway Publicly Apologizes To Valentino For Not Wearing Valentino To the Oscars
The Devil Wears Prada actress actually wore Prada.

Variety Has Not One But Three Editors In Chief Now
Claudia Eller, Cynthia Littleton, and Andrew Wallenstein get the job.

NBA Rescinds Kobe Bryant’s 14th Technical After All
He called it.