Afternoon Cram: Papal’s Got a Brand New Bag

Pope Benedict XVI has tendered his resignation and everything else you need to know from today’s news headlines

The Pope, Citing Health Reasons, Has Made the Extremely Rare Papal Decision to Resign
He’ll be handing over the keys to the Popemobile at the end of this month.

Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahoney To Help Select The Next Pope
Yes, that Cardinal Mahoney.

Eric Garcetti First Mayoral Candidate To Air Spanish Language Ad
Quiere el voto Latino.

Movie Ranch Helicopter Crash Victims Identified
David Gibbs, Michael Donatelli, and Darren Rydstrom were killed Sunday morning.

91-Year-Old Mauled To Death By Pet Pit Bulls
“It appears to be a horrific accident.”

Fugitive Christopher Dorner Officially Charged With Murder
The Riverside County District Attorney filed charges today.

Kobe Bryant #NotCool With Homophobic Tweet
The Laker reminds a fan that “using ‘your gay’ ain’t OK”!

Everyone Watched the Grammys Last Night
Well, 28.4 million people did to be exact.

California Nuclear Initiative Could Make Ballot
An initiative that would close California’s two nuclear power plants is gathering signatures.