Afternoon Cram: Mars to Earth

The latest discovery from NASA’s Curiosity Rover and everything else you need to know from today’s local news headlines

Curiosity Rover May Have Discovered Signs of Past Life on Mars
The news is almost as astounding as the rover itself.

Are the Koch Brothers Planning to Bid on the L.A. Times?
It’s certainly a rumor at this point.

‘Runoff’ Needed in New Pope Selection Process
But, these things take time.

Still, Southland Catholics Are Praying For The Papal “Winner” Already
An over-night vigil was held last night.

Some Miramonte Plaintiffs Agree to Settle
The LAUSD will be paying about half a million dollars per plaintiff.

Inglewood Man Shocked to Find Out Mortuary Accidentally Buried Somebody Else in His Wife’s Casket
Evan Davidson “won’t rest until his wife is laid to rest.”

Kevin James is Withholding His Endorsement for Mayor
The primary’s third-place finisher, a conservative, is not impressed.

Dwight Howard is Back in Orlando to Play The Magic
And it’s a little awkward.