Afternoon Cram: Mail Holiday

The USPS updates its service schedule and everything else you need to know from today’s local news headlines

USPS To Stop Saturday Deliveries
Coming soon: weekends without fliers, catalogues, and junk mail.

L.A. Archdiocese Considers $200-Million Fund Drive
Sex-abuse legal bills are expen$ive.

NBCUniversal’s Studio Plan Approved By City
The peacock is looking to expand Universal Studios and production facilities.

UCLA Ties UC Berkeley For Most Peace Corps Volunteers
85 students from each school are off to promote education, health, and peace.

Bath Salts Bust Nets Three Men In Ventura County
“Bath salts” the synthetic drug, not bath salts the beauty product.

Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes Into Mid-City Home
Narrowly misses a nativity scene with sunglass-wearing figurines.

Rain On The Way
We’ll probably get wet Thursday and Friday.

Record Number Of California Homes Bought With Cash In 2012
Credit is so last housing boom.

Earl Clark Is the New Dwight Howard
Kobe says the Lakers would “be in deep crap” without the forward.

Personal Trainers Unite To Fight Palisades Park Usage Restrictions
That’s a lot of muscle behind a movement.