Afternoon Cram: L.A.’s Coal-Free Future

L.A. is moving on from coal burning and everything else you need to know from today’s local news headlines

New Goal: L.A. To Eliminate Dependence on Coal By 2025
Mayor Villaraigosa once predicted a coal-free city by 2020, but still!

LAUSD Voted In Favor of Term Limits For Board President
The takeaway: Monica Garcia can’t be reelected this July.

Bill Rosendahl and Robert Downey Jr. Got Together To Talk About Venice’s Homeless Problem
The councilman and the actor were joined by Mike Bonin, Flat Stanley, and Swami X.

Five of Six Bell Officials Found Guilty of Stealing Public Funds
The verdicts were mixed for all defendants except Luis Artiga, who was acquitted of all charges.

MOCA Flattered But Not Interested In Hooking Up With LACMA
“The best future for MOCA would be as an independent institution.”

Amy Corps of Engineers Promise To Stop Taking Plants From The Sepulveda Basin
No more vegetation will be destroyed until a plan has been discussed with the public and other departments.

Highland Dad Arrested for Torturing 5-Year-Old Girl and 9-Year-Old Boy
The children’s mother is understandably very concerned.

The Wall Street Journal Has Published a Piece About L.A. Artist Mike Kelley’s Final Days
He committed suicide last year.