Afternoon Cram: Is it the End of the Road for Coda Automotive?

This and everything else you need to know from today’s local news headlines

Coda Automotive May Be Running Out of Juice
One red flag: the local electric car company has laid off much of its staff.

The Pope Has Left The Building
Pope Benedict XVI flew off into the sunset yesterday—literally.

City of L.A. Would Like It To Be Legal To Seize and Destroy the Unattended Belongings of Homeless People
It’s asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a lower-court ruling.

Proposed Bill Would Close California Rape Law Loophole
Did you know victims of unwanted sex are currently unprotected by the law if the attacker impersonates the victim’s significant other?

Lies and Name Calling: The LA Mayor’s Race Turns Ugly
Campaigns are in the final throes.

New Poll: 61% of Californians Support Same Sex Marriage
The difference 4+ years makes.

Water Conservation Imperative For L.A.’s Future
A USC report says the water supply situation could become dire.

Steven Spielberg To Helm the Cannes Film Festival Jury
So no Oscar this year, but the director can help hand out the Palme d’Or.