Afternoon Cram: Cardinal Sins

Former L.A. Archbishop Roger Mahony is in hot water and everything else you need to know from today’s local news headlines

Archbishop Roger Mahony, Archdiocese Official Sought to Hide Church Sex Abuse From Police
Prosecutors will be reviewing internal, apparently damning documents from the mid-80s released this week.

Pitcher Sandy Koufax Goes Back to the Work for the Dodgers
The 77-year-old Hall of Famer is the new special advisor to Dodgers chairman Mark Walter.

Glendale City Council Considering Ban on Gun Show
The next Glendale Gun Show is scheduled to take place in March.

Inauguration Party Held at Grand Park Downtown
What, you thought all the fun was had in D.C.?

Pot Growing Operation Discovered Inside Burning Home
The first clue was all the marijuana firefighters discovered.

The L.A. Kings Are Back 
Better late than never, although defenseman Matt Greene is on injured reserve.

Southwest Will Soon Have All of LAX’s Terminal 1 To Itself
US Air is moving on down to Terminal 3.

Developer Buys Lincoln Blvd. Property For About $11 Mil
The lot where Wertz Bros. Antique Mart is will become part of an apartment complex.

Report: Beyonce Lip Synched Inauguration Performance
So says a spokesperson for the Marine Corps Band.