Afternoon Cram: All Eyes on Boston


The Second Victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing Has Been Identified
Krystle M. Campbell was 29.

Investigators Discovered a Circuit Board That May Have Detonated The Blasts
The bombs appear to have consisted of pressure cookers packed with nails, metal, and ball bearings.

Local Runners Share Firsthand Accounts of Boston Marathon Bombing
Many are home now in L.A. or on returning flights.

L.A.’s Digital Billboards Go Dark
A judge ordered advertisers to shut down the displays on Monday.

Lyrid Meteor Shower To Hit This Weekend
Experts expect we’ll see about 20 meteors per hour at the shower’s peak.

Nonprofit “Friends of Griffith Park” Wants to Know: Who Turned Off the Water in Fern Dell?
The glen in the park has been deteriorating for decades.

After a Three-Hour Standoff, An Armed Popcornopolic Employee Released Her Hostage
The suspect walked out of the company’s El Segundo headquarters without incident.

American Airlines’ Computer System Went Down Today
Many flights out of LAX were cancelled and/or delayed.

Did LAPD Commander Joseph Fennell Run Illegal Errands for Sheriff Baca?
LASD Lieutenant Angela Walton alleges Fennell told her that he did.

E.J. Johnson Responds To Reports About His Sexuality via YouTube Show
“I always wanted to come into the spotlight.”