Afternoon Cram: A Bleeping-Good Easter Egg Hunt


Blind Children Invited To Newport Easter Egg Hunt With Beeping Eggs
A beeping-good idea.

On Saturday, Red Medicine Outed Reservation No-Shows On Twitter
Shaming customers in 140 characters or less.

10-Year-Old Girl Missing From Northridge Home
Have you seen Nicole Ryan since last night?

Federal Court: It’s OK For Lancaster City Council To Open Meetings With Prayer
And you, dear public, are welcome to offer one up.

A Few Earthquakes Rattled The Desert This Morning
The biggest trembler reached a magnitude of 3.6

USC Is Now Working With UTA and A Capital Firm to Fund “Silicon Beach” Start-ups
‘Viterbi Startup Garage’ will offer grants, mentorship, and strategic guidance.

Santa Monica Cracking Down on Disabled Parking Fraud
“It’s a bigger deal than people think.”

Long Beach School District Approves New 9 A.M. Start Time For Middle Schools
Sleepyheads rejoice.