Internet Trolls Are Peddling a Poorly Faked Photo of Adam Schiff and Jeffrey Epstein

Creeps in the internet’s darkest corners keep coming up with wild ways to smear the California Rep leading the impeachment hearings

While House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff was leading the impeachment hearings against Trump this month, a photo purporting to show him enjoying some downtime on a couch with deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein—beside a prominently featured phallic sex toy—began making its murky rounds on social media.

Depressingly, the myth busters at Snopes actually had to come out and debunk this madness.

“This image was a digital manipulation,” they report, “created by altering a picture of Schiff and his father taken the previous Thanksgiving by inserting a cropped (and reversed) head shot of Epstein (along with the sex toy):

The implications by QAnon fans and other pro-Trump wackos is hardly new for Schiff, whom they’ve long accused of being part of the so-called “Deep State.” After reading QAnon material, a man named Anthony Comello threatened Schiff with a “citizen’s arrest” before allegedly gunning down reputed mob boss Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali. They’ve also associated Schiff with the bizarre “Pizzagate” conspiracy. In fact, ever since Trump started referring to Schiff as “Liddle” in tweets, that term has been a dog whistle to pedophilia conspiracy devotees.

They’ve also claimed that Schiff’s sister is married to billionaire Democratic donor George Soros’s son, although Robert Soros’s estranged wife, Melissa Robin Schiff, is not related to the Rep, who has no sisters.

When it comes to ridiculous 4Chan chatter, Schiff’s House colleagues are not immune, either. Earlier this month, Iowa Republican Steve King implied that Schiff knows darn well who the Ukraine call whistleblower is, and revealed that person to be…Robert Soros.

The Q has also accused Schiff of using taxpayer money to settle a 2013 sexual harassment suit brought by a 19-year-old male. Both the suit and the accusation regarding taxpayer money are fabrications. “This false smear originated four months ago on a QAnon conspiracy account. It is obviously and categorically untrue,” a Rep. for Schiff said in March.

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