A Walker in L.A.: Winning in the Rain

The downpour that nearly—but not quite—washed the runners out

Last weekend, runners braved the heat for the city’s annual marathon, which reminded me of one of my more notable Los Angeles walks—a very long, brisk walk, about 26.2 miles to be exact (yes, you might call it a run). I was excited to do the L.A. marathon because it would take me out into the city with thousands of my closest friends, however I chose to do it in 2011, during a record-setting torrential downpour, which meant that I didn’t run so much as swim. Around mile 21, just after we passed under the 405, the rain had gotten so heavy that the streets turned into rivers, worse than what we saw the weekend before last. We ended up abandoning the pavement for the grass. I knew I’d be excited for the car-free streets, but the precipitation added another element completely, and I saw yet another side of L.A.: Despite the storm, there were still fans lining every street, enthusiastically cheering us on.

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