The Forgotten Items of Angelenos

We don’t just share the sidewalk with other pedestrians—we share it with abandoned belongings

Since I’m moving at a slightly slower pace than the average Angeleno, I’m able to survey the landscape immediately surrounding the sidewalk, and I often discover gems accidentally lost or purposely abandoned by their previous owners. I’ve found lots of footwear—what is it about streets that make people want to kick off their shoes?—and plenty of clothing, which I’m not afraid to say I’ll pick up if it looks like it might fit. I also get first pick of any furniture that’s been surrendered to the curb; I gained a lovely mod orange ottoman that way. But then there are objects that are just begging to tell a story, like these Mickey Mouse ears I saw the other day. This sidewalk detritus was both universally sad and blissfully Californian. Louisa, if you’re reading this, your ears are on Redesdale Avenue, just waiting for you to come back.

Alissa Walker is a writer, a gelato eater, and a walker in L.A. She shares an experience from her adventures around town at CityThink each week. Follow her daily on Instagram at @awalkerinLA, on Twitter, or at her blog, and use the hashtag #betteroffped to share your own photographs of walking in L.A.