A Walker in L.A.: New Year, Old Buildings

Seeing the city from the ground up

This is the time of year when fellow Angelenos tell me they’ve resolved to walk more in the new year. Many ask for tips on how to better experience the city on foot. My advice: Draw a two-mile circle around your house and pledge to walk everywhere within that circle. You’ll not only start to understand how close so many of your favorite places are to your home (two miles is about a 45 minute walk), you’ll be surprised at how quickly you start to accumulate new favorite places. On a walk the other day, on a street I’ve walked down hundreds of times, I spotted this fantastic crumbling old facade for the very first time. The aging façade and peeling paint? It demonstrates that, despite so much newness all around, there are aging, overlooked corners of the city with secret, unknown pasts—and reminded me that there is history to discover if you keep your eyes open and your feet moving. Happy New Year!

Alissa Walker is a writer, a gelato eater, and a walker in L.A. She shares an experience from her adventures around town at CityThink each Wednesday. Follow her daily on Instagram at @awalkerinLA, on Twitter, or at her blog, and use the hashtag #betteroffped to share your own photographs of walking in L.A.