A Walker in L.A.: Moving With Purpose

Locals took a stroll with Mayor Eric Garcetti to test an exciting new app

Last week at this time, I was taking a walk with Mayor Eric Garcetti. It wasn’t just me and his honor—we were joined by Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell (in green) and a few dozen other Angelenos. The occasion was the launch of an exciting new urban trails app that will not only help us navigate the city, but will also lead us to historical, cultural, and fitness opportunities where we least expect them—like encouraging users to run up the stairs of the Gold Line platform for a cardio boost. The new app, which was developed by UCLA and California State Parks, officially launches in April, and it’s especially exciting to me because it will help transform our sidewalks, streets, and infrastructure into valued public spaces, redefining the way we think of “parks and recreation.” 

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