A Walker in L.A.: Into the Wild

A handful of homeowners are lettling their lawns grow naturally, and it’s beautiful to behold

If you’ve been hoofing it around L.A. like me, you may have been stopped in your tracks by some particularly colorful front yards this spring. Fifty homeowners have torn out their grass in favor of native flowers as part of an initiative called Wildflowering L.A. Artist Fritz Haeg, in partnership with the Los Angeles Nomadic Division and the Theodore Payne Foundation, hopes to demonstrate the beauty of California’s endemic species, which require less water and resources to thrive than turf does. Each site is helpfully marked with a national park-esque sign, making them more like miniature nature preserves scattered across the city. Using the map online, you can chart your own wildflower walk near you, but do it fast—the blooms are at their peak right now.

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